Christmas is only a few feet away, yet the spirit harasses my eternal slumber.

Should you believe it a lie, this is for your consideration.

He was taken away, that wasn’t his choice. The only choice he managed to take in life was to continue living, even though it brought him a world of pain and suffering, but what are those things for us, the people who treated him like shit and worse things?

Now he’s left all alone, stuck in a cylinder 24 hours a day, the whole seven days of the week, don’t get me started on the years, those go on perpetually and every new dawning brings the sound of desolation to his face.

Maybe he likes to be alone, but no one should be -that- alone if you know what I’m saying. Some people even say that he’s dead on the inside, but I doubt it, I think I saw him smiling once, but that could be a made up memory.

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